How do I compare CLA to any other course (AOC)?.

This is a commercial course meant to make money.
This is a training Program meant to train candidates so that Access can absorb them as employees after the completion . Access gets benefited only when the candidate works with Access for 2 years after the completion of the program.

The purpose is only training and then leave you to find your own job.
The purpose is to train you for a job at Access.

Inexperienced faculty; Generally Faculty do not have any work experience. A person trained in the previous batch becomes a faculty for the next batch.
The faculty will be drawn from experienced professionals working with Access and other Software Export Companies. They have practical experience in doing assignments ranging from Project Management to programming, mainly abroad. They have very good experience in Oracle, web application and e-commerce, use sound programming techniques and are excellent communicators.

Course content is to attract students by teaching almost everything.
Course content is focused on Application Development for e-Business applications.

Anyone willing to pay money can do the course.
The candidates are selected based on their aptitude and intelligence for grooming into Programming.

No limits on batches; number of students; number of courses in a day
Only one program, only 10 to 12 in a team.

No advantage when compared to a student from any other institute.
Experience in a company located in Seepz gives you total exposure to the overseas market.

Benefits of CLA

The selected candidates will be trained on all aspects of Application Software Development. They will get an in-depth knowledge of Web technologies, RDBMS and be working on the latest software tools. They will be working on live projects during the training program including implementation.

On successful completion of the CLA curriculum we will provide them with a full time job. Our endeavor is to coach them to become Software Professionals of International caliber. They will eventually be deputed on some of our Overseas Software Projects.